12 in 2012

     I'm amazed at the growth that's happened in one year. Looking back in my archives, I can definitely see that I've improved as a photographer and blogger so much in only one short year. A ton has shifted in my life since I did my 11 in 2011 post, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm so glad that I started this tradition back in 2010 because now I get to see just how far I've come each year. I hope there's even more positive growth in 2013!


morgan at quitetheblog.com said...

yes, you can see the transformation in your photos! absolutely beautiful. and i can definitely see the use of a lower f-stop which is the story of my life as a photographer! i'm looking to kick things back into gear myself with the 365 days challenge on flickr started january 1. i did back in 2007 and i learned so much about myself as a photographer.

alsooo, i just added you to my gabloggers.blogspot.com page!

fellow ga blogger,

Ani said...

I LOVE your blog. So incredible too how you can actually see your growth. I'm hoping the same for myself this year. Happy new year!

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