Savannah Shopping Guide: Part One!

      Although I can't quite say I'm a Savannah native, it is a city that I could see myself calling my home in oh, say about three years. I've visited four times now and I love seeing what changes each time I go. This summer, I was a little bit disappointed to see that the American Apparel that was an awe-inspiring three stories went out of business; however, I was still delighted to roam the streets of the historic district, visiting old favorites and happening upon new places.
      I know that I post about clothing more than anything on ye olde blog, but in reality I have such a wide range of interests that no two of my favorite stores in Savannah are the same. I decided to put together a little guide for visitors of the wonderful city, in the order that I would visit them. All of the places that I've featured have extremely friendly staff and didn't even bat an eye that I was taking so many pictures.

1. The Paris Market & Brocante, 36 W Broughton Street

     Approximate time to allot: 1.5 hours
     The estimate above may sound like a gratuitous slot for a store that has no specific merchandise, but I get sucked in every time I walk in the doors. I'm assuming that we all know what I'm talking about when I say that this place smells expensive. Anywhere that lights candles and has a café attached typically will have that particular scent, but The Paris Market is in a league beyond stores like Anthropologie. 
     I included so many pictures of this store because of the variety of products it offers. Every time I stop in, I like to pick up a bottle of Fresh Pink Jasmine in order to have something to always remember Savannah by. But I could also decorate my home, pick up dishes for my dorm, snag a book that I've had my eye on (I've actually had the Ivy League book pictured above on my Amazon Wish List for months), or scarf down some macarons. 
     It is truly a magical shopping experience with something for everyone. There is a section for children and their bedrooms (complete with a rope ladder that leads to the ceiling), a variety of interesting collections downstairs ranging from vintage photographs to bones, and the prettiest jewelry you've ever seen. There's a reason why I've listed this store first. 

2. Civvies, 22 E. Broughton Street

     Approximate time to allot: 45 mins-1 hour
     As with most of the places in the historic district of Savannah, one of the most fascinating parts is the spaces where they are located. I was too busy flipping through the racks and racks of color coded vintage duds at Civvies to look up at the impressive sky light, but I'm sure glad my little sister pointed out how cool it was. And call me a country bumpkin, but I am automatically intrigued by any store that has an "upstairs only" clothing front.
     A lot of vintage stores pretty much cater to one style or another- there are Etsy stores dedicated to very specific niches of decades past. Civvies isn't like this. You can find anything from used hiking boots for a grunge look to a lace, nipped waist frock. Personally, I walked away with two spiked headbands that I have been looking for everywhere. While I didn't get any vintage goods this trip, it is a store that I always have on my list. Not only are there vintage clothes, but a lot of independent designers showcase their goods at Civvies as well. 
     Even the title makes me smile. "Civvies" is slang for "civilian clothes", as in "not a uniform". If ever there were a store to express the originality that comes with losing a uniform, Civvies is one such store.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow, where I'll talk about my favorite art supply store and book store!


The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post !

Like your style girl ;)
These are really good pictures !!

If you have the time you are always welcome on my blog :)

I just wanted to let you know I’ll be following you around from now


Unknown said...

Hi! Love this post, I am planning a trip to Savannah and have been looking for places to stay - found a cute little Victorian house rental that is on Barnard and West Duffy Street - can I ask your opinion if that is a good area to stay in, as in can we still walk places?

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