The Fox Hunt

Faux leather bomber jacket, Target. Fox sweater, Old Navy (gift). Oxford, thrifted. Printed wool skirt, vintage. Forest green tights, Kate Spade. Beaded headband, J. Crew (gift). Vintage leather oxford shoes and woven belt, thrifted. Vintage leather gloves, from my Mamaw. Camera bag purse, Fossil.

     The way that I shop has been described as being like a "mercenary". I do a quick sweep, pausing to sift through things that catch my eye for sizes and a quick decision, then I leave the store. Often, this gets the job done quickly and I can assess if what I'm looking for is there without exerting any real energy or too much time. But sometimes, a more patient and optimistic outlook on getting exactly the sweater/shirt/dress...whatever it is you want is more beneficial.
     Take this sweater for example. My cousin and I had both added this sweater to our Christmas lists months ago. It seems as though everyone caught fox fever, though, because apparently so did all other Old Navy shoppers. My mom had me call Old Navy stores for my aunt in search of this simple fifteen dollar sweater to put under the tree for my cousin. I definitely didn't expect to see this under the tree Christmas morning given the results of those phone calls.
     Lo and behold, my mom and step dad ended up spotting merely the sleeve of this sweater in a giant stack of returns at a local Old Navy store. They dug through and viola, the fox was caught. It seems silly to be so persistent when it comes to just shopping, I know. There are billions of items of apparel, so why get hung up on just one, right? But I've taken to applying that lesson to life. I'm persistent and (admittedly) unyielding in getting what I want outside of the sartorial world as well. And in the end, I enjoy having both my closet and my life being worth every minute of effort.


Kathryn said...

Gah that sweater is too perfect! And these pictures are so gorgeous, I'm loving the location.

daria said...

iiiii! love that sweater! the forest is the perfect place for these pics :) happy new year!

Sydney said...

This sweater is so versatile! I've seen it styled a ton of ways...your outfit is great.

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