The Fairest of them All: Snow White Narrative

Comment below for wardrobe inquiries. Styling and photography by me!

     After some build up (not too much of course), I am SO happy to share my Snow White photo shoot with you guys! This is the kind of work I love: I got to combine fashion, literature, and photography all into one big project. I was amazed that I actually pulled it off considering I came up with the idea last Wednesday and got my friends Dave (who has modeled for me before here) and Emma (modeled here, here, and here) on board before Thursday afternoon. Originally, I planned to create a narrative based on one of my favorite songs (Featherstone by The Paper Kites), but everything fell into place perfectly for Snow White before I got the chance to get everything together for that idea. 
     I hope everyone enjoys looking at my interpretation of the classic tale. I hope to do a lot more work like this in the future, so keep your eyes pealed!
     Oh, and of course, here are some alternate endings/ "bloopers" for your amusement:


WearAbouts said...

THIS IS SO COOL! Wow. Seriously though, this was so much fun to look at! love how the pictures tell a story. Can't wait to see more like this! :D
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Kat said...

wow absolutely amazing photos!!!!! i really love that you created a story! wonderful :)


Sushi said...

I was so intrigued by the 'mirror in tree' you got going on. Soo..different, I like it.And I love the story you told, it made me laugh

Zuley Blue said...

I love the picture in which you are alone in the meadow... unawares lol Well, I definitely think this is a good idea. And love the interpretation. Who doesn't like these fairytales?!

Zuley Blue said...

Oh almost forgot. I want that dress!!! Perfect dress!!!!!!

Carla Florendo said...

ohh this is such an amazing idea. i love that you combined fashion, literary, and photography all at the same time. i think u did an amazing work.
thank u for visiting me =)

cheers, Carla

daria said...

this is awesome and I love your velvet dress!

Natalia L. said...

Love it! And I don't know if this was the case, but you look like a brave Snow White, I don't know, your face transmits it, and I love it!

And you dress is gorgeous!!! *O*

Girls that glitter love the dark

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