His & Hers: Rose Tinted Glasses

     For those of you reading this who have known me for years, this is no surprise: I really don't like the color pink. While in my mother's wardrobe, hot pink is something of a neutral, I honestly can't name one item in my own closet that is any shade of the feminine hue. It's funny to me that pink has become visually synonymous with all things girly and sweet because it actually used to be a color for boys. According to the article "When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?" from Smithsonian.com, the shift to girls wearing pink didn't happen until the 1940s; however, up until that point, after gender specific clothing was established for children, retailers and journals alike advised parents to dress their little girls in blue and their little boys in pink. If you are interested in the cultural and historical intersection with fashion trends then I highly recommend the article for more details.
      All that being said, when Patrick and I decided to shoot pictures for a His & Hers post, we had outfits on that looked nothing alike. However, I recently picked up the sweet shades you see pictured below. Not only is the top frame pink, but they also turn my surroundings into the most blissful cotton-candy colored dream world. While it might be a stretch to say that both Patrick and I are featuring pink prominently in our outfits, my lipstick and sunglasses provide enough of the color for me.

Button front dress, J. Crew. Essential Element Boot, Modcloth (one left in a size 7, but Jeffrey Campbell makes a similar style found here). Pink and tortoise round sunglasses, Milk & Honey in Dallas. Chibi Jewels arrow necklace . Black wrap watch, La Mer Collections. 

      While the rest of my outfit is black and white, I thought the pink shades went perfectly with my ankle boots and favorite printed dress. Watching the sunset through the literal rose tinted lenses was the perfect way to end the evening. I knew that red lipstick wouldn't match the glasses as well as my favorite bright pink from Nars. Who knows, maybe I could end up liking pink a bit more after all. I certainly enjoy light pink dress shirts on men...

Light pink shirt, thrifted. Straight leg chinos, H&M. Argyle socks, Target. Brown dress shoes, hand-me-down. 

     There's something so classic about a well-fitting, pastel dress shirt. I prefer oxford cloth over anything that's less casual, but the thin stripes make the pink more subtle. Patrick did an excellent job matching up the colors in this outfit. Now all that's missing is some cooler temperatures and a navy blazer.

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     I hope you've enjoyed this rosy His & Hers post. While we haven't had much of a chance to style looks for this feature over the summer, Patrick and I have made it a goal to start doing this again regularly. It's like a built-in date where we both look nice; plus, I get to explore my love of menswear.
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Jenna Condon said...

Oh my goodness i love your dress. the background is simply gorgeous :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

You both are so cute and stylish!

Sianna Marinova said...

Adorable pictures! And the sunglasses are so cute.

Charmaine said...

I LOVE your boyfriend's outfit! A man in pastels is always a good thing in my opinion. The matching socks are the best part. That dress looks so great on you - deeply making me regret not buying it!!

Anonymous said...

You two make such a beautiful and stylish couple! I just love your sunglasses!

Xo, Hannah


Helen said...

What a sweet setting! I love the geometric print of your dress next to the roses

Vicki said...

Both outfits are such fun! I love your sunglasses!
I'm not a fan of pink either...it has just never been my favorite color. I gravitate more towards shades of blue myself! Though I do find myself liking pale, delicate shades of pink quite a bit.(:

Decked Out in Ruffles

A Girl Named Leney said...

Cannot even get over how much I love your blog right now... So glad you commented on mine so I could pop over to yours!
Your style is stunning and I just love every single thing about it.

<3 Leney

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