His & Hers: Blue Oxford

     While I might not technically own an OCBD (oxford cloth button down), I am obsessed with button downs in any variety. I scour the thrift stores and little boys departments looking for the perfect variations to add into my wardrobe. I love how classic that they make any outfit look. A button up with a full skirt is so quintessentially retro and a look I replicate quite often. For guys, it's a quick and simple solution to add a little bit of polish to an otherwise casual look. 

Blue oxford button down short sleeved shirt, thrifted. Polka dot skirt, c/o Frock Stock. Woven leather belt, thrifted. The Essex Messenger in Bittersweet, Madewell. SixtySeven leather wedges, Style of Civilization. Leather bow, American Apparel. 

     This outfit made me want to traipse around in a quaint downtown, stopping in to sample treats at bakeries and cafes while out running my errands. We don't quite have anything like that in Maryville, but I loved the way the outfit looked against one of my favorite chipped white walls in the city. I started off wearing my long tulle skirt from Modcloth and oxfords, but the warmer weather beckoned me to show a bit more leg than I usually do. My nude wedges are absolutely perfect for lengthened my legs. While this is a pretty simple outfit, I felt cute and a bit sassy all day.

Blue oxford, Forever 21. Green chino shorts, H&M. Black and white sneakers, Jackthreads (a flash sale site for guys-totally awesome).

     Once again, Patrick tends to go a bit more preppy when we are styling the basics. I thought the color combination here was spot on for the coming months. That green color just keeps sneaking out of our closets and making reappearances. And just as a note, the film camera isn't just a prop- when you see it in my photos, we've taken pictures on film that day!

     Both of us really heavily on button up shirts. This basic blue color gets a lot of rotation in our outfits, so I'm happy to show you guys how we've both been styling it lately. I hope you've enjoyed this round of His & Hers and be sure to tune in next week for a couple of special posts with me and my beau!


Amy McLarty said...

You guys look great as always!

Love, Amy
A. Loo's Closet

Zuley said...

How funny that your oxford shirts are almost the same color.


Samis said...

Hi, I found very recently your blog and I think it's wonderful. I wanted to congratulate you because it shows you do with a lot of love. Well, thats all. You have a new reader :D.
Best wishes.


Maggie J. said...

Your whole outfit is really cute (and you TWO are adorable)! I really love those wedges.

2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

LinnaeDesign said...

Wow, I like these outfits so much, it's such a gorgeous mix!
You two are really cute, I love your blog!
So you have a new reader ;)

marissa (stylebook) said...

oh my god you guys are cute.

Charmaine said...

You two are so cute together!

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