His & Hers: Flannel Shirts (featuring Tradlands)

     Something that I consider a staple for colder weather and cozy dressing is a healthy amount of flannel. While I don't necessarily own too many of these casual shirts for myself, I absolutely love it when guys have a steady supply of worn in flannel shirts for me to borrow or merely cuddle up with. However, flannels have a great place in menswear as well as womenswear and I love how cozy they feel when nothing else seems to keep you warm. Patrick and I both appreciate the comfortable qualities of the perfect flannel shirt so we decided to style two distinct versions in our own unique ways.

The Alamo Square shirt, borrowed from Tradlands. Cobalt schoolboy blazer, J. Crew (similar styles here, Festival Blue color on ebay). Grey skinny jeans, Gap. Triple strap flats, Plenty by Tracy Reese. Metal watch, Target. Vintage handkerchief turned pocket square.

     I don't actually own my own plaid flannel shirt, so naturally I was thrilled to review the Alamo Square shirt from Tradlands. My favorite part about the shirt's aesthetic is the unique color scheme that works so well with the blazer I chose to pair it with. I could also see this shirt working great with a pair of red jeans and some leopard print flats. Either way, I decided to dress the shirt up in an outfit that is a combination of my favorite menswear elements- a blazer, menswear inspired watch,and a nod to the pocket square- with some more feminine elements like my skinny jeans, flats, and necklace. 
     The shirt was exactly what I needed on a transitional temperature day. When the sun in shining but the wind is a little bit too harsh to go without at least one top layer, I like finding the warmest thing possible to put on as my base layer. The Alamo Square shirt kept me completely warm and cozy throughout the day. The fit was absolutely perfect for a flannel- roomy, but not unflattering. 

Black and white flannel shirt, thrifted. Skinny chinos, H&M. Black and white sneakers, Jackthreads.

      As Patrick's style has evolved, this type of outfit has become more representative of his "day off" type looks. Those days originally were full of graphic tees and boot cut jeans, but since I've met him I've enjoyed watching his style develop. While I've certainly fostered the growth, all of his outfits are his own doing. I only offer help if he asks and always support the sartorial risks that he takes in an effort to really see his tastes take off in a unique direction. I have to say though, his more casual looks, especially those involving flannel, make him very fun to hug :).

     I hope you've enjoyed our separate takes on an absolutely wonderful,cozy thing to wear on colder days. While we're all gearing up for spring with light layers and colors, don't forget your flannels as the temperatures hover on the cooler side before finally warming up. Stay tuned next week for another his and hers post!


Sammi said...

I absolutely love how you styled this outfit. It's amazing how you've taken these menswear pieces and made them undoubtedly feminine (with a little edge). I'm always afraid of looking too masculine with this kind of thing, but I really love how you've made these pieces work so well!

xox Sammi

irene wibowo said...

so pretty both of you! :)
Irene Wibowo

Zuley said...

Love your flannel.


Tradlands said...

The blues look great together.
We know how that flannel feels and know it's so cozy on a colder day.

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