His & Hers: Emerald

     I am very particular when it comes to color. If a color is even the slightest bit outside of what I instinctively like, I tend to go for a neutral shade instead. However, a pattern that I've seen recurring in my purchases lately is the addition of many emerald pieces. While yes, this is the Pantone color of the year, it also evokes such a natural response within because of the outdoorsy associations with the shade. Patrick and I have actually taken to calling the shade hunter green, a less formal moniker for the still rich and luscious color. After my spring wardrobe additions I now own a tee shirt, dress, and tote bag in this shade (and the tote bag matches my J. Crew backpack that I already had). See below how both of us are styling this beautiful variation of green.

Emerald vintage cotton tee, J. Crew. Plaid slim pants, H&M. Leopard pointy toe flats, Gap. Camel cashmere cardigan, gift from my mother. Vintage Margaret Smith bird bag. Leather woven belt, thrifted.

    I love how rich this shade looks against warm tones. My outfit has a heavy dose of vintage inspiration despite not having too many vintage pieces in it. However, this type of look just pleases me to no end. There are some outfits that I never feel quite right in, and then there are these types of outfits. My confidence was soaring,especially when the sales associate at Planet XChange (a local consignment store) told me I looked like I just stepped out of a J. Crew catalog. 

Emerald chinos, Urban Outfitters. Gingham shirt, H&M. Socks, Target. Vintage tie, tie clip, and shoes.

     Would you believe me if I said that we did not plan to wear the opposite of each other? Patrick and I both have such an affinity for plaid that it is no surprise that we ended up wearing even matchier outfits than we intended. I love the way the bright red and blue play with the green of his pants. As soon as he found these chinos in Urban Outfitters, we both knew right away what a staple they would become.

     Isn't in wonderful when a color just makes your heart sing? Like a swipe of vivid red lipstick or that perfectly faded blue of old denim, emerald is quickly becoming a signature shade that surrounds me with joy as soon as I incorporate it into an outfit. I love that it is the perfect gender neutral shade. I don't think there's an item of clothing that I wouldn't want to try in emerald.
     Thanks for checking out this week's His and Hers post! We are so excited to play around with even more ideas as the weather gets warmer. 
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Leanna Kay said...

oh my goodness this is just adorable. I prone to lighter shades of color but I really do love that emerald green. Very pretty.

Sammi said...

Beautiful outfit, and I love your hair like that. That emerald/forest green color is so lovely. You two are adorable :)

xox Sammi

Amy McLarty said...

Oh, these photos are just darling. Love your matching plaids!

Love, Amy
A. Loo's Closet

Ani Barrington said...

My goodness. Could y'all get any cuter!?

irene wibowo said...

wow. that's so lovely photos! ;)
Irene Wibowo

Ivanna said...

Cute outfits for both of you. Lovely trousers! xo


Zuley said...

So matchy cute.


Teta Logopedica said...

I accidentally found your blog, and now I must say that I really like it. I will definitely follow your blog (even from Croatia, Europe)!

daria said...

these are just lovely! I think they're my fav his & hers post :)

All said...

great pict! you and him look so fabulous ;D

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