His & Hers: Big Fish

    This week, instead of doing our normal styling of a similar item to show, Patrick and I wanted to share something special. One of my favorite movies of all time is the Tim Burton directed film Big Fish. I can't believe the movie is already ten years old, as its release date was 2003. It's a visual feast, to be sure, but the story is also one of the greatest love stories of our time. That isn't just limited to romantic love, though. The weaving of the mythical with the beautiful creates a timeless tale that I could watch again and again.
     In particular, one of my favorite scenes in the film is when the protagonist, Edward Bloom (played perfectly by Ewan McGregor), finally finds the girl he's fallen in love with. Although he's only seen her once, he works to find out everything he can about her. This eventually leads to his proposal in the most expansive field of daffodils that I could imagine. Fortunately, Patrick and I were able to somewhat recreate some stills from this scene.

If the video doesn't play, click through to the YouTube link.

     There are a few still shots in particular that stick out to me. Edward Bloom standing in the field, grinning ridiculously. Sandra's face in front of the flowers. And of course, the two sitting in the field together.

     I didn't happen to have a floor length blue nightgown lying around, but I thought my vintage inspired Tommy Hilfiger dress that I bought last summer did the trick. Patrick helped pick out a modernized version of Edward Bloom's navy suit and black tie from his closet. I thought our interpretations went pretty well with the overall aesthetic without seeming like costumes. 
    What you don't see here is that this beautiful field of flowers is located on the side of one of the busier roads in the area. Luckily, several miles of Tennessee roads in this area are covered with this type of field on either side. It makes for some truly stunning photos, even if I was a little bit afraid that we would get called out by the cops. No authorities reprimanded us; however, we did get honked at quite a bit!
    I hope you've enjoyed our not-so-traditional approach to His & Hers this week. We had a blast shooting together and while the flowers are already gone, I'm so glad I could make the vision I had for this shoot a reality.

     Past His & Hers: Blazers and Grey Pants; White button up; Black V neckDenim shirtFlannel shirt; Mixed prints; Emerald; Gingham shirts; Blue oxfords


SomeoneLikeYou said...

The most beautiful shots of you two ever taken. These are from heaven!

Vera said...

What a fantastic place! You two look really great but I was blown away by this beautiful field of flowers... It,s breathtaking and I wish I could once visit a place like this one day..

Kailey said...

What an incredible theme and end result! The photography on Triple Thread always leaves me speechless <3

Anonymous said...

this is a really cool shot. i'm currently in a photography class where one of the assignments is to have a shoot remaking a movie, tv show, etc. yours definitely came out plenty cooler than mine !

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