Valentine's Day

     If you've had a similar February experience to mine, then you are probably sick and tired of hearing all about how awful Valentine's Day is. Whether it's the old cliche of calling the holiday "singles awareness day" or a greeting card company invention, the excuses for hating on February 14th are all worn out. I thought that instead of pointing out the flaws in the day, I'd try and inject some optimism (even if you are without a Valentine this year). So, without further ado, here are just a few reasons why I love Valentine's Day:
  • You can be as cutesy as you want for pretty much the entire month of February in preparation.
  • Holiday themed decor is so much fun to experiment with. Whether you're  a regular Martha or you whip something up like my hearts in the window (above), getting crafty for February usually involves so many pretty things!
  • You can tell everyone in your life how much you love them without it seeming random and cheesy. 
  • Why not take the excuse and run with it: tell someone you've got your eye on that you think they're swell!
  • Pink and red is a pretty hot color combination right now. I'm not typically one to wear too much pink, but today I love to make an exception!
  • There are so many strawberry themed desserts to make and enjoy. Below are some cupcakes that I made a few weekends ago when I was feeling down. 
  • Vintage Valentine's Day ephemera is seriously the best. I can't wait to give this one to a friend:
  • Above all else, who doesn't just want a chance to be loved? Instead of trying to embitter an already pessimistic holiday, I think it's a good idea to spread a little bit more kindness. That sounds cheesy, but I just look at this holiday as a chance to try even harder to be nice to everyone.
    Whether you are typically an anti-Valentine's day crusader, a laid-back bystander, or a full on participator, I hope my points help you to have a lovely day!


     Further proof that Valentine's Day is a grand tradition, these were found outside our door. My friend Emma (who modeled for me for What's in the cards- part one here, part two here) gave my roommate and I chocolate, a flower, and handmade cards all in the name of friendship! 

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Kat said...

aww the cupcake is soo cute!!! happy valentines day! :)

btw thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following!! you have such an amazing blog! im following you as well now :)


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