Love at First Sight

Dress, Free People. Coat, Old Navy. Shirt, scarf, and belt, all vintage. Tights, Target. Shoes, Call It Spring, JC Penney. Bag, H&M.

     There are so many things that I love about this particular post. For one, this is an outfit that I have been dying to wear. The retro vibe and the added warmth of a collared shirt layered underneath a dress is something that I will forever be a fan of in the winter. Another clothing related thing that I love is the Free People dress (from where I got my styling idea online). One of my favorite Christmas presents of 2011, I always feel confident when I slip her on. Third, my loving boyfriend took the pictures and then treated me to a day of thrifting, dining, and movie watching for our pre-Valentine's Day Valentine's Day date. And last, but quite the opposite of least, this happened:

     Unfortunately, no, that beautiful puppy does not belong to me. But I think the story of the pictures is even better. Although I'm typically pretty shy about taking outfit pictures (especially with a tripod!), this is a case where being in the public eye definitely paid off. As Reid was taking the pictures, a high school aged boy started walking around with this gorgeous gal puppy in tow. I could hear the bell on her collar tinkling as she played with her owner: a benefit, considering that I was always aware of whether or not they were behind me. I heard the bell approaching, so I turned around and the kind young man asked me if I wanted to take a few pictures/ play with his puppy. I had to maintain dignity and self control but it took pretty much everything I had not to start jumping up and down screaming "YES!" 
     There are some things that happen that I am truly glad are preserved with pictures.



Leila said...

Adorable pictures! :D Your day sounds fantastic, all the things I like--thrifting, movies, puppies.. Very excited to follow your blog as well! :)

your loving boyfriend said...

this is definitely one of my favorite posts

Savannah Krystine said...

I love your dress! It is so cute and pretty! The puppy is so cute, as well!

Kathryn said...

That puppy is so stinkin' adorable! Plus I love your dress, the color is gorgeous. :)

mochaccinoland said...

i really love this outfit! it looks great with & without the coat! that dress is just brilliant! the texture and colour is amazing! that puppy is so cute!!!


Justyna said...

SO CUTE! How did you not run off with that puppy!?

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