Rainy Day Rules (and Merry Christmas Eve!)

Sweater and headband, J. Crew. Dress, really old Forever 21. Bag, vintage Dooney & Bourke. Tights, Target. Boots, Kelsi Dagger.

     Before finding a pair of affordable rain boots that I liked (if I had it my way, I'd be donning these babies through the rainier months), I only had one rule when it came to rainy wearer dressing: never EVER wear jeans when it's raining. It's pretty simple logic. Although tights might be a little bit chillier than my typical pair of skinny jeans, it was worth the chill while slogging through the puddles of my high school parking lot not to have to suffer through the dreaded water seeping halfway up my calf. Although I can gleefully splash along to my college classes in denim because of my caving into the rain boot trend (seriously, what's with college ladies and rain boots?), I never quite got over my habit of slipping into something a little girlier on the dreariest of days. My day might have been made by my candlelit lunch on Thursday, but that certainly didn't make the weather any sunnier. Heck, I would even take just something more seasonally appropriate than in the sixties and raining for the winter solstice.
     Although I might be dreaming of a white Christmas tonight, I'd definitely settle for just weather in the thirties. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas that is celebrating, and I'll post again on the 26th!

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