For the Birds

Shirt, cardigan, vintage. Necklace, American Eagle. Skirt, Axyeh via Altar'd State. Rain boots, Steve Madden. Grimace on my face, c/o the downpour I got caught in.

     Today must have been just "one of those days" for everyone. A girl in my peer review group for my Composition class broke down crying before we read our papers. I just bumped my head on my loft bead when getting up to check the label on my skirt. And the fact that it started raining buckets didn't help anyone's mood, I don't think. 
     But here's to the little things: I finished a clay piece I was working on for my drawing (yes, I know) class, my photography quiz got moved to next Monday because no one had studied, I convinced myself to contact Knoxville Fashion Week, and I made a 49/50 on my last photography assignment. So while my vintage wool sweater didn't exactly love the rain I got it stuck in (without an umbrella. The sweater now smells like a worse than a wet dog), I've gotta stay on the bright side!
     The next two photos are previews of posts to come, stay tuned!
A less-than-exotic crow at the San Antonio zoo.
The clothes monster that inhabited my floor before I reorganized my closet.


- KG said...

First off, I love the visuals.

second, I'm a new blogger and I'm trying to get my name out there.
I have a twitter account ( Katelyn_Brooke )
and I mentioned your twitter and blog.

Hope your day is going well :)



Kathryn said...

Your bird picture is gorgeous! I also really like the mix of prints in your outfit, it looks so natural.

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