Are the Dog Days Really Over?

Headband and Dress, J. Crew Factory Store. Belt, Vintage Calvin Klein. Shoes, Steve Madden.

     I am in constant limbo between cats and dogs. I love them both so much, when I get a home of my own, it will be impossible to decide what pet to bring home. My theory is adopt a puppy and a kitten together so they know no other life. I hope it will work. The beauty posing with me above is none other than Pebbles, my dog of approximately ten years. I've featured my other dog, Rocky, before here, but Pebbles definitely has earned some lime light as well. She is so photogenic and couldn't get enough of my sister and I fawning over her outside today.
    But the clothes, yes the clothes! I found the dress on a recent trip to Texas when I stumbled in the J.Crew Factory store and although it is a size too big, I couldn't take the chance of not finding it on the website. After wearing it for Lego building (pictures below) and general summer fun, I know it will always be a favorite. Some clothes just feel magical.
Awesome Lego fortress that Reid and I spent an hour building outside today. 
Have a swell weekend everyone!


ANN said...

Your outfit and dog are so cute! I love these photos :)

A Fashionable Flaw said...

I always wanted to get a kitten and a puppy together, but unfortunately I just don't have the time to train a puppy now and I've had cats my entire life, so I just ended up getting a kitten who is quite spirited as it is.

Nádia said...

oh, your shoes are incredible!!! <333


christina said...

cute doggie and sososo lovely shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit, such a pretty dress and nice combo with the heels :D

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