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    Although we hate to admit it, during the sweet break from school we affectionately refer to as summer break, we often find ourselves with a lack of things to do. Maybe I am only speaking for myself, but with as much free time that I have, I have been able to round up a few links for your enjoyment and entertainment.
Images via MDG
1. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend: The tagline of this tumblr reads "Where early photography meets extreme hotness." The two portraits above are from the Mountjoy Prison Collection, but I'll leave it up to you to sift through the wonderful site to found out more about these bad boys. Anything that combines eye candy with vintage photography is perfect in my book.

Images via P&F
2. Pokemon & Fashion: Fashion junkies and nerds can now rejoice! The cute little Pokemon creatures are now featured alongside fashion's top names in a thoroughly cohesive and thoughtful manner. Even if you don't play the video games, the perfect combination will still leave you giggling with delight.

Images via thx thx thx
3. thx thx thx: With over 9,000 likes on Facebook and a published book, it is no surprise that thx thx thx is so wonderful. I spent a good hour on the website upon first discovery, enjoying the appreciative and sometimes sarcastic nature of the notes. I guarantee you won't be disappointed by Leah's daily dose of gratitude.

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Fashion Addict said...

Although I am working during my summer break, I know what you mean when you say we often have a lack of things to do. I must check out all these links and thx thx thx sounds like a really great from your description!

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