On (Needle) Point

THML Clothing embroidered blouse, Groovy's in Rockwall.  American Apparel Chambray Full Woven Skirt  Vintage yellow patterned scarf. Red belt, Forever 21 (similar here). Minimal lace-up heel, Jeffrey Campbell + Free People. Timex brown leather watch. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl.

    I found it. The perfect embroidered shirt. I see them floating around in various fast-fashion stores this time of year, but I never gave too much thought to the summery item.However, this was another find from the adorable Groovy's. I decided to go ahead and purchase what is sure to be a go-to for the rest of the summer months because it is a great fit and lightweight fabric. The main colors in my wardrobe are shades of blue and red, so naturally this piece will fit in great. THML Clothing is another wholesale only brand, but there are plenty of options if you are looking for a similar piece: 1, 2, 3 (a bit different, but my personal favorite). 
     In other news, I've been feeling so me with the outfits that I have been choosing lately. There has been a long period now where I was really struggling with what I wanted my style to look like. However, instating regulations on the kind of items that I buy has provided me with the need to be more specific with my style. I've definitely outgrown the "romantic" style that I tried to pin myself in for so long. It would seem that the days of overly saccharine dresses and lacy items are long gone, but old habits die hard (old habits might come in the form of the dresses from Bonne Chance Collections- so cute!). I think the most important thing during a wardrobe transition isn't to get rid of everything that doesn't suit you anymore, but rather to find new ways of working old favorites into a new style. 
     Also, shout out to Chelsea over at Organized Mess for giving me the idea for the title of this post with her sweet comment on my last outfit post. Sometimes I have to keep myself from saying "on point" too much, but it's still nice to hear from others!


Anonymous said...

These photos honestly took my breath away! Quite possibly my favorite outfit of yours... ever! You look so carefree and beautiful in every shot. Love your vintage scarf!

Xo, Hannah


Jenna Condon said...

how pretty. love the trees


Melanie Pangilinan said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit! Love the print of your top and shoes.

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Fashionalatic said...

Nive mix :)
Wanna follow each other dear ??
Let me know :)


Milex said...

I adore you so much

Izael Garrido said...

Beautiful outfit! Really like the print

Anthea said...

Love this look! So light and playful and unique!

Amy McLarty said...

Beautiful outfit, Ashlyn!

Love, Amy

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Aw! Im so glad I gave you the idea for your blog title! I also say on point a lot ;)

Again, looooving this outfit! Ive been on the search for the perfect embroidered top and that one is so perfect! I also love that circle skirt, it seems like it could go with almost anything! My favorite kind of item!

Anonymous said...

That certainly is the perfect embroidered shirt! Love the little pop of yellow your scarf gives to the whole look. So lovely.

Alexandra Marie said...

Goodness, honestly these pictures are beyond stunning! What camera equipment do you use? Alex


Vicki said...

This outfit is simply stunning!(: I think that certainly is the perfect embroidered shirt!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Jenn from Fashion and Fringe said...

Those shoes are to die for. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit! So glad I found your blog. Am obsessed and following you now!

daria said...

the blouse is incredibly pretty! reminds me of Romanian folk costumes.

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