Texas Triple Threat

FIANCÉE maxi dress, Groovy's in Rockwall. Strappy flat sandal, Target. Red square-framed glasses, c/o Firmoo. Scouth Leather Chevron necklace in black, c/o Danani. Vintage Akubra hat (you can buy one here). Vintage wallet.

     The number three pleases me. Things that come in triples are harmonious in a lot of aspects, including in the art world. I liked the concept of a "triple threat" so much that my blog is named after that very idea. And this dress meets three of my shopping criteria, making it a perfect fit in more ways than one. I was already shopping locally at a cute little store in the Rockwall square called Groovy's. On top of that, this dress is a made in the USA find. Unfortunately, the brand Fiancée is a wholesale only brand, but if you do happen to be buying for a boutique or online store definitely check them out! All of their clothes are made in America and also budget friendly. This dress was only $32. And at that price I can definitely say that it meets my criterion of being within my price range,the third reason why it's a great purchase. 
     Fortunately, these pictures were taken towards the later part of the day or my hat would have been unbearable. I'd have to be here a bit longer than my planned two week stay in order to really get used to this kind of heat. However, I will say that the golden hour and sunsets here are unlike anything I've ever experienced. All lighting that you see in the pictures in this post is completely natural. Nothing beats it. 
    Considering that I'm from somewhere that was built from nothing in the 1940s, this town is so much older than what I'm used to; however, I'm by no means complaining. Seeing the western style buildings in the town square and the farmhouse-turned-museum that was in front of this field that was from the 1830s absolutely fascinates me. America is such a young country in the grand scale of world history, but I still get a kick out of our own stories and tales of the past. 


Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Your outfits have been so on point lately! I LOVE this look!

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Made in the US AND only 32$, that's a dress I can most definitely get behind!

applewood road

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! This is the perfect maxi dress! I'm glad you're enjoying your time in Texas, those sunsets sound truly amazing!

Xo, Hannah


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and I'm so glad I did. Love your style!

Halie said...

Cute, cute. Love the hat.

Maggie J. said...

The light in these pictures IS beautiful! I love your hat!

2ndhand Knowledge

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