Weekly Goals: 6/23/13-6/29/13

    I am apparently bad with commitment. That is what my previous weekly goals post has led me to believe, anyways. While I have made some progress on all of the goals that I listed, I nowhere near completed everything I had in mind. Summer is really a time of reflection and laziness for me right now, but I'm going to set myself some more goals to actually get my butt in gear.
     1. Update my blog store with more items. I have loads of items that deserve to be worn much more frequently. Being in the midst of a style revolution of sorts, I'm really looking forward to cleaning out my wardrobe to make room for pieces that fit my direction a bit more. Be on the lookout for lots of cute items for great prices.
     2. Actually write in my journal every day. On my last weekly goals list, I had this written down. While I did manage to write a list or a tidbit in my journal nearly every day that week, I felt as though my entries were lacking in the kind of reflection that I've been needing lately. I have kept a journal since fifth grade and always managed to fill the notebooks up; however, I'm needing a bit more discipline.
     3. Reach out and do something that might scare me. Whether this is being completely honest with people, reaching out to a brand that I admire, or signing up for something that I normally wouldn't try, I'd love to get out of my comfort zone this week.
     4. Write my first book review for Triple Thread. I have a lot of books. I've read most of them and am excited to delve into the rest. I have nonfiction books, classic novels, and current bestsellers. Why not share my experiences and hopefully inspire discussion on something that means so much to me?
     5. Set up at least two paid photo sessions. It's a great time of year for photographers: senior picture time! Some people like to wait for the school year, but I have some really great ideas for styled shoots that I'd love to do for clients. I'm also looking to work with local musicians to expand my portfolio. Now that I have a quantifiable goal, I'm much more likely to try to book something.

     I'll post a short update on my goal list in the next weekly goals post. If I make myself publicize my progress, I'm going to feel more accountable for making an attempt at every item. I hope you have a wonderfully productive, fun week and be sure to let me know about your own goals for the first full week of summer!

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