I Believe in Nashville

Sleeveless denim button-up, American Apparel. BDG Twig High-Rise Jean in Black, Urban Outfitters. Vintage Cole Haan loafers, thrifted. Dooney & Bourke Happy Bag (only 1 left!). Wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban. Leopard print headband, J. Crew.

     There are some days when I think that I belong in a different state. One with more jobs, a different school, and yes, being near the coast would be nice. Then I remember: I'm forty minutes away from Dollywood. I'm three hours away from Nashville, one of the greatest cities in the country. I can see the Smoky Mountains from my college campus. Without Tennessee, the world wouldn't have Mayfield ice cream, Mountain Dew, or cotton candy. Ok, so maybe we'd all be a bit healthier without those things, but Tennesseans sure have a way with inventing fun things to eat and drink. 
     Regardless of the small doubts that I sometimes feel, all is forgotten when I walk the streets of such wonderful places as Franklin and Nashville. The trip was largely to see Wild Child live; but ended up being a pilgrimage to give me even more faith in my home state.

This is my post "I just bought the best pair of jeans of my life" face at Imogene and Willie. 

     Downtown Franklin is so wonderfully picturesque and quaint. It it was the perfect way to start the day off (not to mention the free parking). I wondered from shop to shop, feeling great that I could shop guilt free as almost everything was locally owned. We even stopped at the nicest Goodwill I've ever been to on the way out of town. Later, we made our way over to the Imogene and Willie store. At first, I thought I would be content with just a bandana or their beautiful brand book. Instead, I took the plunge and got fitted for my very own pair of Imogene Slims. I am over the moon with how they looked in the store, but I know I'll be even happier when they arrive in my mailbox custom tailored and ready to be worn in. 
     Walking the streets of such beautiful Southern cities has just renewed my adoration for local goods and the people of Tennessee. I'm glad that I got the opportunity to businesses that I appreciate on such a deep level. My commitment to shopping American made or at small, independent businesses is only gaining steam after my little road trip.


Charmaine said...
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Charmaine said...

Great post! I've always wanted to visit Tennessee! A couple I am good friends with did a road trip though Tennessee following Tom Waits gigs back in 2008 in an airstream trailer. If I am ever in Nashville I must check out this denim place you write of - sounds amazing!

I also completely agree with your stance on buying locally and independently. People sometimes treat me like I am on a high horse, but I honestly only buy clothing, food, and other amenities from chain stores if I absolutely have to. Most of my clothing is from independent Canadian, American and English manufacturers where I know fair wages being paid and environmental standards are being upheld. It may cost me a little more upfront, but the savings in the long run are, for me, worth it.

Your blog is so great! It's really a joy to read.

Isa said...

Honestly, for me it's always that everyone I have ever met from Tennessee is just so NICE! And so genuine! Although no cotton candy also sounds awful.


Vicki said...

Lovely outfit! Perfect for a day of exploring.(: I would love to visit Nashville sometime, it looks like such a neat place.

Decked Out in Ruffles

Mal of America said...

Ah, pretty pictures! I live in Nashville, right near where you were at Imogene & Willie - you got some great shots :)

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