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Sleeveless denim button up, American Apparel.
On a Barrell Roll skirt, Modcloth
         Vintage Cole Haan loafers, thrifted. 
Dooney & Bourke Happy bagLa Mer wrap watch

     While I am holding a globe in these pictures, I am quite proud to say that both my shirt and skirt were made stateside. You might have noticed the tiny American flag next to both items. This is going to be my little symbol for products that were made in the USA. While secondhand shopping is just as big a part of my shopping manifesto, I wanted to make the American-made items stand out in particular so that US citizens or international readers could purchase items that they can truly feel great about. I am happy to also include items that were made in other countries with similar fair wage policies; however, I really do love supporting my home.
     The contradictions with my little prop don't end there. I've never actually been outside of the country, but I do happen to travel around with a car full of photo props should I ever need them. In this case, the globe was the perfect addition to my already travel themed outfit. I might not have travelled outside of the country yet, but guess what?
     I'm going to be traveling abroad in Ireland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland for January 2014. 
     I found out during spring semester, but wanted to wait until the perfect time to make the announcement. I can't wait for such an exciting experience and you bet I'll be blogging my heart out the entire time. The trip requires an application process and students have to be hand-selected to travel with the group. It is truly a blessing that I am being given this opportunity. I bet the next half-year until my trip is going to fly past me in a hurry. You can read all about the purpose of my trip and the class I'll be taking on the Maryville College website.
     As I gear up for this marvelous adventure, I'd love to hear travel tips of any sort. My schedule is largely spoken for with loads of great tours, but I'll have free time as well and can't wait to do some exploring of my own. To say that I'm excited is an understatement.


Mallory said...

I spent a month in London in 2004 as my last two college classes, and it was an amazing trip that really shaped me. (I actually turned 21 the day we visited Windsor Castle!) And I just went to western Ireland back in March of this year with my mom and sister.

I'm sure you'll have plenty of group activities planned, as did I during my London trip, but try to find sometime to wander on your own - those experiences were the ones that had the biggest impact on me. Getting lost my first day in London and having to find my way back on the Tube... exploring Portobello Market by myself. Stuff like that sticks with you!

Alexandra Marie said...

How exciting!! Great pictures as well! Alex


Jennifer said...

I have been living in Spain for 6 months, and have another year to go. It is truly a great experience to live abroad. One of my best friends lives in London and absolutely loves it. I'm so excited for you! Ps. love your outfit! xx

Katherine Zwick said...

I know you're a fashion blogger so this is going to be a hard pill to swallow but PACK LIGHT. Roll your clothes and bring items that you can mix and match. I studied abroad in Oxford last fall semester and brought way too much and there is nothing that makes a trip miserable faster than dragging a 50 pounds suitcase around and trying to determine which articles of clothing you feel okay parting with when you're packing to come home with more stuff than you originally brought with you. In the spring I went to Poland for ten days and I only brought a carry-on size suitcase and a backpack and I had more than enough clothes (I care a lot about my outfits as well!) and I didn't have to tell myself that I couldn't buy anything while I was there because I had plenty of room!

Nathyness said...

Gorgeous skirt! I recognized it from Modcloth as soon as I saw your picture on Lookbook.

I agree with Katherine above me. Pack as few items as possible. Pack lots of neutral stuff and comfy shoes (with a wild card thrown in every now and then), that way you can mix and match forever.

I cannot stress the comfy shoes part enough. Toms are great. The fabric stretches to fit your foot to a tee. They might bother the first day or two that you wear them, but eventually they break in and feel like nothing.

Have fun, and I hope you'll show us lots of photos!!

-Nathy @ Earnestyle

Mostly Lisa said...

I seriously am in love with your photographs. They are always insanely gorgeous.

So happy that you are leaving the country and being able to travel to such amazing places! I've been to Ireland and England and you are so lucky you are going to both! Even though it is a touristy thing to do, I recommend going on the London Eye. It is absolutely beautiful and gives you such spectacular views. Also, find a great pub in both places. Those are always the best. But yes, also wear really comfy shoes! :D

Mostly Lisa

Charmaine said...

Awesome! Will you be going overseas for a whole semester? Or just January? I can give you heaps of London suggestions! I'd also suggest Bath for a day trip too, such a cute town with SO much history! Ireland is such a beautiful country. Cork was my favourite city!

Kitsune-kun said...

aw fun! ireland and scotland are SO amazing, I'd love to go back!

Vicki said...

Vintage globes are such fun.(: And I love your outfit as well!
That is the vacation of my dreams...I've always wanted to visit (or even live in, haha) all of those places. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.(:

Decked Out in Ruffles

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