Wishful Wednesday: To the Mountains

     While I know that I couldn't wear this outfit for a serious day of hiking, I'd love to show it off for a day of picture taking in Cade's Cove. I'll be honest, this summer it will probably be much too hot to wear all of these accessories while I'm exploring the area. However, I'm willing to suffer a bit in the heat if it means I get to wear the things I want (and avoid getting a sunburn on my scalp!).


Sammi said...

Gorgeous picks! That scarf is so beautiful, and those boots are divine.
xox Sammi

daria said...

so pretty! I guess this is something a girl from vintage days would wear :)

LinnaeDesign said...

Wonderful mix, I love the dress and the shirt! So pretty! x


Anonymous said...

Wow, that scarf is to die for! The dress is lovely also <3

Lots of love,

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