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Denim boyfriend shirt, New York & Company (very old). Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Wanted Babe brogue shoes, Urban Outfitters. Felt wide brimmed fedora, Gap (similar here). Scout leather chevron necklace in black, c/o Danani. Vintage army surplus bag.

      There are days when I hate everything in my closet. There are days I can't stand to look an any artwork I've produced over the past few semesters. There are even days when looking in the mirror freaks me out and I want to change everything I see. I try to move on quickly from all of these feelings. However, I've realized that positive change can come from a place of negativity.
     Feeling uncomfortable in the clothing that I have causes me to stop and wonder: why do I hate my outfit so much that I have to go and change before I even go to lunch? What is it that makes me so uncomfortable that I literally can't stand to be wearing it for another minute? On the days where I have classes in the morning that are over before lunch, I often find myself rushing back to my dorm to actually put on something that I enjoy wearing. I'm not an effortless style guru. By the end of the week, the clothing that I've frantically thrown off of my body in an effort to feel more like myself is strewn about, casualties in the war on my own insecurity.
     I don't hop out of bed at 7:00 in the morning and put together the right outfit often. I try to dream up outfit combinations before drifting to sleep so that I won't have to worry about it in the morning (usually to realize then that I'm not really feeling it). Yes, I care about what I look like and I spend a lot of time and effort maintaining some sort of aesthetic. Is it stupid? Is it a waste of time? I ask myself these questions on a regular basis.
      I don't think my obsession with defining my personal style is a vapid quest. I'm refining my personal identity in the process and that goes so much deeper than just posting my outfit pictures. My quest for having an outfit I feel great in everyday has carried over to stretching my creative muscles in so many other aspects of my life. And I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made so far/this outfit (even if there are days when it looks like a tornado hit my closet).


Liz said...

I completely understand how you feel! This outfit, though, is wonderful!

Kristina said...

I definitely know what you mean.. sometimes I think I'm being completely ridiculous when I've tried on three different outfits and none of them feel right. I find myself feeling pretty silly too when my fiancé can get dressed in less than five minutes, but I can take up to half an hour picking mine out. But, I honestly believe my own personal style is a representation of me and a bit of my creativity (obviously, you do too!), and sometimes it's good to take the time to think it all through.

But goodness, feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes is the absolute worst! I really love this outfit! I've been on the hunt for a hat similar to that one, so lovely! :)

kristina in retroworter

Marzipan said...

Adorable <3

LinnaeDesign said...

Beautiful outfit, so natural and stylish" Totally in love with it! x


Maggie J. said...

I completely agree that putting together outfits strengthens my creativity in all areas, and my blog has been a huge help with that. No, I don't love how every outfit turns out, but it doesn't really matter. I'm constantly learning and my style is constantly evolving.

Love this outfit of yours!

2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

Tartangirl said...

Hi ! I am a French fashion blogger and do a post every Friday night with outfits I love and would like to know if you agree if I add yours to my selection. There will of course be a link to your blog. For more information: http://tartangirlswardrobe.com Les Trésors de la blogo. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I feel like that most of the time too, I can totally relate with thinking about what to wear the following morning before going to sleep. It's so frustrating when it doesn't look like you've expected it to, huh? To me, it's usually like that because I'm inecure about my body, but you're absolutely gorgeous so I don't see any reason why you'd be :)

Lots of love,

Tartangirl said...

Here's the link to the post, hope you like it ! http://www.tartangirlswardrobe.com/article-les-tresors-de-la-blogo-23-117530881.html

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