The Powerness

Ark & Co maxi dress, c/o Lulu's (similar here). Black motorcycle jacket, Hurley (similar here). Black lace bandeau, aerie. Paris scarf, Madewell. Bullet case + rock earrings, Nothing Too Fancy. Ear cuff, Urban Outfitters

       What do you do when you need that extra push to feel positive and powerful? Is it wearing a pair of heels that takes you to the next level? Do you have a particular meal you like to eat or place you like to visit?
     For me, it is a combination of several things. When I feel like negativity is bringing me into an unhealthy place, I need to get out of my own head for a bit. I take a deep breath and reflect on why I'm feeling so down before continuing my negative thought patterns. This is a trick that I particularly like because I can do it in any situation at any time. But there are several other factors that you can change to make your day full of good vibes.
     First of all, as many fashion bloggers will attest to, wearing the right outfit is an instant mood booster. Wearing a tall dress makes me feel, well, tall. When I say tall, I'm implying more than just the physical description. I can get past the little things that are phasing me when I feel like a bigger person, inside and out.
     If I'm feeling overwhelmed, one of my favorite activities is to go on a drive in the countryside and just blast some music. I've made Patrick several CDs over the course of our relationship and we usually end up listening to one of those. However, if I can't actually escape what I'm doing (for example, if I'm working on an assignment on the computer), I crank some upbeat and uplifting playlists from 8tracks. Below is my all time favorite for this purpose as well as where I got the name for this post.  

      If all else fails, there are a few more extreme measures. Scream into a pillow if it's emotions that have you going crazy. Running, while not everyone's favorite past time, is a great mood booster. I find it is even more therapeutic than writing. When I write, I tend to get more and more worked up about an issue as opposed to just leaving it all on the page. That doesn't mean I don't want to keep a record of how I was feeling, but sometimes I need another alternative to move on from the tough stuff. 
     With a list of ways to feel happy and positive in the face of stressors that's so long, I'm hoping I won't dwell to hard on the stress of the upcoming weeks. Finals, job searching, and a particular announcement about my mom's family (that I will be making soon) could easily get me down, but luckily I'm blessed with the ability to get back up.


Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Ashlyn these photos are magical! The lighting and that scarf with the maxi are genius!

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

These photos are so beautiful! Im in love with that gorgeous dress. And yes! Dressing right is an instant mood booster for me too. If I dress lazily then I just feel even worse. i also run, it helps sooth me if i'm feeling frustrated or worked up.

Oh, and chocolate. That always helps too.

xo Chelsea

Madhu Singh said...

The pictures in this post were especially dreamy! Also I like how bold this outfit is. Your style is very versatile and unexpected. That's hard to find on a college campus full of oversize T-shirts and nike shorts. UGH.

Anonymous said...

The dress is amazing and you look stunning! I usually blast musing too when I feel overwhelemed, or go work out :)

Lots of love,

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