Simple Spring

Jean jacket, gift from my mom from several years ago (similar). White dress, TJ Maxx (similar). Red mini wedges, Prabal Gurung for Target. Spiked headband, handmade, from a boutique in Savannah (similar). Watch, Timex. 

     In general, I am not a minimalist. My dorm room is a menagerie of knick knacks, posters, art prints, jewelry, books,and old quilts. I have to sort through my closet to decide what gets hung up because I tend to hang on to clothes for so long. I love big, bold necklaces and statement earrings. But when it comes to my style, I often drift towards the simple. While the combinations don't have to be obvious or uncreative, certain pieces are standalone in nature. This is a look that didn't call for too much adornment, but rather stood out because of how simple it was. I can't wait until it is just a bit warmer and I can swap the denim jacket for a denim vest. My legs might be bare in these pictures, but trust me, I was shivering.
     I love all seasons, but spring of 2013 is shaping up to be full of fun and great opportunities. The weather might not be warming up as quickly as I'd like, but that gives me a chance to enjoy my skinny jeans and high waisted trousers without sweating. That magical time when we realize that there is no turning back, winter is gone!, is only so great because we've suffered through the cracked hands and runny,red noses of winter. Don't wish away the rest of the cold- drink hot chocolate, sit by the fire, wear your sweaters, cuddle up under piles of blankets, and be an inside person until spring and summer truly arrive. 


Abby said...

This outfit looks so great! You have such great style and are an amazing writer! Love your blog!

Ani Barrington said...

So lovely! Those wedges are so stunning.

Kathy Noto said...

I love the photography in your blog. You look super cute as always. :)


daria said...

that dress is perfect!

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