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Striped sweater, Design History. Green camping backpack, J Crew. Floral scarf, local boutique. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Cognac boots, DV Dolce Vita. Brown woven leather belt, thrifted.

     If I were try to pin every outfit I wear into a certain "look", this one would be all over the place. While I have a backpack that would be great for hiking, my boots are better suited for less muddy activities. My sweater and jeans are pretty urban on their own, but the floral print of the scarf adds a certain vintage charm reminiscent of Swiss mountain apparel. This outfit, which I wore on my first day back to classes after winter break, is a pretty accurate representation of the current state of my wardrobe.
     We all have certain things that always catch our eye. I adore fit and flare dresses in neutral colors and striped sweaters. But when those old stand "buys" (yay!pun!) that we just can't help but pick up from thrift stores mix in with the phases we go through in trying to define our own unique style, it feels like our closets have split personalities. 
     I've had it hammered into my head by numerous blogging tip websites, e courses, and books that to be successful, you should define a "niche" for yourself. But dressing in a niche is for fictional characters. Blair Waldorf is forever stuck in her school uniform despite having graduated high school long ago. Jess, Zooey Deschanel's character on New Girl, is a repeat offender of feminine, if somewhat formulaic, outfits. But no matter how much lace and florals a gal owns, I guarantee you the thought of clomping around all day in black, grungy boots has crossed her mind.
     And that's ok. We all have days where we wake up and just feel the need to dress in a way we might  not typically lean towards. There's those purchases that you might eventually regret (hello, studded, acid wash jeans), but isn't it fun to wear them while you are going through that certain phase? We're all human; and I prefer to cater to my contradictions rather than be forever stuck in a cliché, pigeon hole title of what my style is. 


Elanor said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours yet...! Then again I feel that way every time you post. I really appreciate what you have to say about personal style! It is so true that dressing in a niche is for fictional characters.

LOVE the backpack. Where can I buy this? Is it an older J. Crew item? :(


Rory said...

love the scarf with the striped sweater! :)
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Marta said...

You look so pretty! Great blog!


The Photogramps said...

Cute scarf, lady!

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