Mint to Be

Denim jacket, camel cashmere cardigan, both gifts from my mother. Mint skinny jeans, J Crew (factory). Studded bow headband, J Crew. Dotted blouse, TJ Maxx. Red ballet flats, Gap. Leather purse, my mother's from Argentina. Woven leather belt, thrifted. 

     One of the most interesting things about fashion is how the pieces we own come to be in our closets. Aside from items that I intentionally hunt down at a retail or department store, I typically come into items through a variety of different sources.
     Sometimes, it is as simple as my mom picking something up for me that she though I'd like (she's always right). Other times, I have held onto an item for so long that it would just seem wrong to get rid of it at this point. This denim jacket is actually a combination of those two things because my mom gave it to me years ago. It's such a classic and versatile piece that I'm glad to own. 
     However thrilling I find my nostalgic attachment to certain things in my wardrobe to be, it is both a blessing and a curse. This habit assigns more meaning to dressing up than simply fickle fashion and appearances; but it's also the reason I have such a hard time letting go of clothes. In the end though, I'm usually pleased with holding onto things if simply for the story behind how I got them.

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Jordan Skiles said...

Hey girl!! I just came across your blog from the Southern Blog Society! I just wanted you to know I love your style (& your photos are GREAT!) and I'm happy to be your newest follower! :)

xo, Jordan

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