The Untrained Eye

White and blue ringer tee, Nollie. Floral printed skinny cords, Free People. Red ankle boots, O'Neill. Woven leather belt, thrifted. Camera bag purse, Fossil. Glittery red nail polish, Gap. 

     This is my preferred version of "jeans and a tee shirt". When I stumbled across these printed cords on sale from Free People, I knew they would be in heavy rotation for the fall and winter season. They fit like a glove and the brown/grey color with red accents goes with a great deal in my wardrobe. When I put together this outfit, it was warm enough outside just to pair the cords with a contrasting tee shirt (that is, by the way, the softest shirt I own).
     I find it funny that the location that I'm posing in is literally a brush pile. Patrick and I decided to drive to a part of Maryville that we had never been to before, and these pictures are the result. We pulled over in an abandoned lot, intending to turn around when the location we had stopped at caught our eyes. The brush pile really did look like a heap of trash to the untrained eye. But after some gentle persuasion, I agreed that the location really was beautiful. I'm learning to appreciate that there needn't be some elaborate set up to capture some great shots. 


SomeoneLikeYou said...

Sigh, this must be the prettiest brush pile I've ever seen then! The photography in these photos is incredible and you stand out like a brilliant gem! <3

Elanor said...

This is seriously a gorgeous bush pile! Who would have known? I'm a fan of how your pants look against the background as well. :) You make simple outfits look so awesome, lady! I admire it.

xxoo Elanor

Girl and Closet said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! <3 And... these cords! They're heavenly adore the petite floral print - your style is always so lovely! xo

Charmaine said...

I love those pants! The print is so subtle.

JenPonix said...

i love this outfit!:)great outfits.been pinterest-ing your outfits.

Elyse said...

I love those pants!Lovely post!


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