Starbucks & Steam

Black lace and tulle dress, c/o Bebop. Camel cashmere cardigan, gift from my mother. Black tights and purse, glitter bangles, Target. Red ankle boots, O'Neill. Silver sparkly necklace, American Eagle. 

      While my body seems to be fairly adaptable to the rising and falling temperatures of East Tennessee, my hands are not. They haven't been taking kindly to the recent cold front. While I'm happy to have temperatures that actually feel like December, I still have outfits from when the weather was in the seventies to post. Knowing East Tennessee, however, I'm sure the temperatures will fluctuate in the other direction again soon. Until then, I'll be doing everything I can to keep my hands warm, like sipping on a hot chocolate with hazelnut from Starbucks and shamelessly using the steam from Maryville College's furnace. 
      Whether or not the weather is chilly, I can't get over how perfect this dress from Bebop is. I love Bebop because of the accessibility of their clothing- I can even find their dresses in the tiny town I live in. The dresses are also extremely affordable but still so trendy and high quality. It was an honor to wear one of their dresses for the Seventeen Magazine feature, and I'm even more thrilled to wear this perfect tulle and lace number all through the holidays.


Chrissie said...

That dress is the perfect amount of girly - lace and tulle, and it looks great on you!

xo - chiisakute ♥

Elanor said...

I just adore how your boots POP! I need to invest in a great article of something red. :) The smoke in these photos are awesome, as well! What sort of camera do you have/how do you edit? So lovely.

Also, my hands and feet are always freezing so I can sympathize with you! :(

xxoo Elanor

irene wibowo said...

love your dress! :)Irene Wibowo

Rory said...

STARBUCKS YAY! I adore your red booties by the way :)

FiveDimesForNineLives said...

Love the dress!


Kathy Noto said...

You look so lovely. I like your dress! <3


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