Americana Adventures

Sexy boyfriend jeans and boxy white tee, Gap. Brown tote bag, Baggu. Western inspired necklace, American Eagle (old). Red ankle boots, O'Neill. Striped scarf, leather belt, thrifted. 

     Often times, an outfit for me is a full on production. I've never been one to be able to prescribe to the   minimalist line of thinking when it comes to my ensembles. Rather, I prefer sequins here, patterns there, and jewelry to wrap it up. But what my style really needs whenever I'm feeling in a slump is a bit of simplicity. I think that the way people style a plain white tee shirt and jeans says a lot about them. There are pretty much endless possibilities when it comes to that combination: a fact I tend to overlook while reaching for my fancy frocks and baubles. 
     Last weekend, however, was the perfect time to exhibit this simple and comfortable outfit. For a day of browsing vintage shops and the mall for Christmas presents, this combination of the best pair of jeans I've ever owned (here's lookin' at you, Gap) and a similarly comfortable tee shirt was perfect. One of my very stylish male friends said that I looked very "Americana": a style that I am proud to show off whenever I can. 


Elanor said...

Ashlyn! I am finally checking out blogs that I've been neglecting for a while now and I just need to tell you that I am so sorry for the lack of comments! I just adore your blog and it is seriously one of my favorites. <3 These photos are gorgeous and I wish I could pull off such a simple yet beautiful look as this one.

Time to go through all your posts and see what I've missed...!!

xxoo Elanor

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

I love those red boots! I want some.
Almost Endearing

daria said...

love these pics, the light is great and the outfit seems super comfy. is it that warm there?

Elyse said...

Such an amazing outfit! I love all the accessories! Lovely blog!


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