The Autumn Life

White lace dress and burnt orange tights, Target. Patterned scarf, recesses of my closet. Belt, bag, and shoes, all thrifted. 

     I rather enjoy dressing for the occasion. When I'm in school, I tend to amplify my love for preppy staples like collared shirts and oxfords. This past weekend, while attending my high school's homecoming football game with my family and beau, I wanted to exemplify all of the best things about fall in one outfit. Luckily, the colors of my tights combined with my scarf and boots allowed me to do just that. Chilly football games have always been one of my favorite things about the season, and last Friday was no exception. 
     While I'm sure that other people all over the country were partaking in a version of this tradition, somehow that makes it no less special to me. I enjoy the feeling of universality that such outings provide. Knowing that so many people enjoy the same feeling of nostalgia and merriment that I do when I attend football games or roast marshmallows only serves to bolster how important such things are to my life. This is similar to how a scarf+tights+boots combination is pretty much as quintessentially, stereotypically fall as I could make it, and yet because they are my own choices and my own outfit, they are no less individual. Once again, fashion follows life.

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