Hopeless Wonderer

Plaid blazer, J. Crew (on sale!). Polka dot blouse, JCPenney. Faded skinny jeans, Levi's (similar). Leather belt, beige ankle booties, thrifted. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. 

     I've come to realize that most of my wardrobe is not available for purchase via a simple link underneath a set of outfit pictures. While this particular post features not one but TWO pieces that are currently available on a website near you, most of the things that I wear again and again are either thrifted or years old. Of course, as soon as I get new things I tend to have a very dependent relationship with them. As someone who has only bought four new items of clothing in the past three months, I've really come to appreciate the value that a little sprucing up can bring. 
     While I'm quite satisfied with the way that I have constructed my wardrobe, I sometimes feel as though having more current items would give me a certain edge as a fashion blogger. That being said, I know we all preach the "Wear what you want! Be authentic! Don't just post to get traffic!" type of mentality, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about my success in this venture. What are your thoughts, friends? I'd love to expand this into a larger dialogue instead of just tacking it onto the end of an outfit post!
P.S.- The title turned out to be an unintentional pun of a song from the newest Mumford & Sons album.


Zuley Blue said...

I kind of understand people wanting traffic on their blogs and wondering what else can be done to get a little more, but I seriously follow you because I like the classic staples you have been posting with simple twist. Everyone I follow I do so because they have a unique something to them and their way of blogging.

I think just getting a couple of pieces that are still quite you (like this blazer/shirt combo) once in a while will get you to stop over thinking your awesomeness ^_^

Aly said...

So glad I found your blog! I love your style, and these pictures are gorgeous!


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