Lost in Lace

Lace cardigan, Issi. Patent red satchel, Steve Madden. Full black circle skirt, thrifted. Pearl earrings, via my Mamaw. Spike bracelet, F21. Black ballet flats, American Eagle. 

     Being back in school gives me the opportunity to dress up every day. While bigger universities definitely have their perks, I go to a small enough college that I am actually known for the way I dress. That is such a ridiculous confidence booster that I am thrilled to put together nice outfits despite having an eight AM class every day. It's the little things that put me in the right academic mindset (like a clean room and having a killer outfit). 
     Even for a pretty self assured person like myself, a compliment from a friend or a stranger goes such a long way. I never take anything that people tell me for granted and will probably remember it for years. If it takes such a small act of kindness to really make me beam from the inside out, I definitely want to start doing that for others as well!
     Also, special thanks to this pair of mystery feet who helped me out on this set of pictures. You might be able to spot them in this post as well. If you keep visiting the blog, the owner of said feet just might be revealed ;).


Rory said...

REVEAL THE FEET! I'm dying to know! :D :D :D Love the outfit, too. That red bag is just AWESOME! :)

Kitsune-kun said...

love the red bag against the blue stairs!

stuckinazoo said...

that circle skirt is beyond cute! great location for the photos, it's a nice contrast to the girly-ness of the outfit! I'll be staying tuned to see the owner of the mysterious feet. ;)

daria said...

your bag is the cutest thing!

chicqua said...

You look so chic!!love ur lace n bags:)

Kathryn said...

Love the lace in combination with the bright purse! So cute.

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