Attitude Adjustment

Sheer polka dot blouse, TJ Maxx. Black bralette underneath, Pac Sun. Black cardigan, sidewalk sale. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Black leather boots, Lucky Brand. Red satchel, Steve Madden. Wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban. Silver spike bracelet, Forever 21. Timex watch.

     I seem to have found myself without looking too hard. I've been told that my most intimidating quality is how comfortable and sure I am when it comes to my identity. Honestly, that seems like a compliment. One thing that I will never do is pretend to be any less confident to please others. I've had my fair share of crippling doubt and an insecurity or two will creep in during my lower moments. But I feel as though this outfit embodies the confident personality that people know me for. 
     These pictures were actually taken on a day where I pushed the limits of how people react to my open communication policy. It's hard to commit to always being honest and not sugar coating a situation, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences. Sometimes being so blunt is a high risk situation, but when the reward is bringing you closer to those around you, it is worth the chance. 
      This past week was a high amount of fun in a little amount of time. Each and every day on campus seems to match up to how great the last one was. I can't wait to share more of my experiences in the upcoming posts!


Rory said...

Love the pops of red! And I agree--I'd think that's a compliment, not something bad. Honesty, bluntness--always good :)
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daria said...

love the pop of red! you look super chic in this. pants are a good fit on you, which I can't say for myself :)

Jade said...

Love all the neutrals and black through your outfit and then that amazing pop of red on your lips and on the bag :-) great look! xx

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