A Burning in Your Heart

Striped tee, UK Style by French Connection. Suede oxfords, Gap. High waisted trousers and leather belt, thrifted. Rounded sunglasses, Target. 

      My interest in 1940s style continues with this pair of high waisted trousers I snagged from the little boys' department at my local Goodwill. Before I moved back to school, I knew a lot of my wardrobe wouldn't work for the changes I was making in my aesthetic. That fact coupled with the promise I've made myself not to buy clothing while I'm in school (more on that in an upcoming post) meant that I needed to get a few basics. I chose to do so with some new items from J. Crew and thrifting adventures and I am positively giddy with anticipation about layering for autumn with the new things I acquired. 
     It's hard to believe that I will have been back on campus for a month next weekend. I've been fairly busy with (actual, for real) social interactions along with a fair amount of school work and running. Luckily, I'll never be able to give up on my blog or taking outfit pictures and I get so much support from my friends. Another tidbit of unsolicited advice: one of the most important things when undertaking any endeavor is having a network of great people who support you. Every time I hear how much someone in my life loves my blog, I know I'll always want to keep it up and have something that I can be proud of.
     So far I think I've been pretty successful.


Aliya said...

You look so lovely in all your pictures! Don't you just love it when you find clothing that fit me in other sections of thrift stores, besides your own.

I completely agree with you about the importance of having people who are positive and supportive in your life. I also love your blog!!

What camera do you use by the way? I'm toying with the idea of buying a DLSR...

x Aliya

SomeoneLikeYou said...

I'd say you're beyond successful ♥

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