21 before 20

     I love making lists. I love setting goals. I especially love doing these things with brand new, colorful markers and in my journal for this year. Although these lists are fairly trendy among the blogging set, I'm certainly glad that they are. My hope is that anyone reading this will have a little bit better of an idea of who I am, aside from just some pictures of clothes.
      I know that my cursive might be a bit hard to read, so read more after the jump if you'd like!

     1. See a show on Broadway.
     2. Start plans for a an international trip.
     3. Do a photo shoot for a fashion website or zine.
     4. Design + create my own dress.
     5. Go to a music festival.
     6. Learn how to cook some more "adult" things.
     7. Put my work on display somewhere.
     8. Go on an actual first date. 
     9. Learn how to ballroom dance.
     10. Show someone something they've never seen before.
     11. Clean out + donate (at least) half of my wardrobe. 
     12. Make a short film.
     13. Surprise someone with the best gift they've ever received. 
     14. Read all the books on my shelves.
     15. Have something of mine printed in a publication.
     16. Find a pen pal and write to them on handmade stationary. (Any takers?)
     17. Make a real difference by volunteering.
     18. Break 22 minutes for a 5k, break 6 minutes for a mile. 
     19. Be a positive light in others' lives.
     20. Work on my calligraphy.
     21. Finish this journal (the journal that I began writing in this year after I moved in).


Elanor said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh i NEED to do this! i'm just so bad with making goals. but i love all of yours! i can't wait to see you achieve them!!


Morgan said...

You have the best handwriting ever! The whole page looks like snippets of pinterest all put together! haha. And when I went on an actual first date it was with my now husband (no pressure!). I wasn't trying to even talk to him at the time, but I was hungry, in college, didn't want cafeteria food, and the guy in the tutoring lab was going to Longhorn sooo...I went! Have fun! And it will happen! :)

Morgan said...

Oh, and I love how you said cook some more "adult" things. That's what's kind of annoying about being a grownup..I could honestly eat chicken nuggets and pizza all the time. Perfectly okay with me!

Rory said...

One thing's for sure....you DO NOT NEED TO WORK ON CALLIGRAPHY! :) Your penmanship is gorgeous! Love the list idea. It's good to set goals for yourself! :)

Amy said...

I love making lists too! I just started a bucket list last night of places I want to visit!



Jade said...

These all sound like great goals :-) I can personally recommend clearing out half your wardrobe and donating it! I love the feeling I get from organising all my clothes & getting rid of things I don't wear anymore. Plus, more room for new clothes ;-)

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