Crossing It in Style

Button up blouse, shrunken blazer, and leather belt all thrifted. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Suede McAlister boots, J. Crew. Rounded sunglasses, Target. 

     Other than my mother and step mother, the women who inspire me most are Rosie the Riveter and Audrey Hepburn. As a few of my guy friends were discussing pin up girls and how "they don't make em like that anymore", instead of feeling insecure or belittled, I quipped that I have always been more of an Audrey than a Marilyn. Without being too saccharine, Audrey epitomized class and poise instead of trying to be "sexy". On a similar note, Rosie the Riveter has become such a symbolic figure in my life. I'm fascinated with the 1940s, as I will tell anyone, and along with that fascination comes the iconic image of Rosie and the "We can do it!" mentality. She even inspires me sartorially- a scarf tied around my head and a denim shirt is a look I'd rock any day. 
       The reason why I'm going on about how important these women have been in shaping my personality is because I feel as though this outfit is the perfect combination of the two. The tailored shapes and pulled back hair with my sunglasses seemed to represent Audrey perfectly, while the menswear elements (and the swagger I had all day because of them) added just the right bit of Rosie into the mix. But, when it came down to it, the most important thing was exactly how much I accurately represented myself :).


Amelia said...

love these menswear inspired pieces with a punchy lip.

Zuley Blue said...

Love it all. The inspiration. The translation of it. The outfit of you. Its awesome.

Je suis Sophie said...

great shoes. And love to know where you got your inspiration!

daria said...

I love this "back to school" style. looks great on you.

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