Something Blue

Blue dress with lace overlay, Urban Outfitters. Rounded sunglasses, Target. Studded flats, Go Fish Missionary Store. Vintage leather belt and Dooney & Bourke purse. 

     Lately I have been searching for very particular combinations when it comes to my outfits. I'm no longer content to fit into some category of always looking "sweet" or "vintage"- I desire something with a little bit more edge. I felt as though this dress that I picked up in Savannah was a good transition and compromise between my favorite styles- the colors and sheer panels on top make it something a little less demure than the lace would suggest. It's not that I am trying to compromise my modesty with my new styling ideas, I'm just interested in exploring the other sides of my personality and incorporating them into my style. 
     In other news, you might be wondering about the wedding themed title. I am so happy to announce that today, I, Ashlyn Kittrell, 18, will be shooting professionally at a wedding. It feels surreal to have your goals come true, it really does. But I know it wasn't without so much backbreaking (or at least back bending anyways...photography comes with hours at a computer screen) hard work. This is the start of some pretty wonderful things, and as humble as I am (I never think my work is good enough), I deserve this path. 


Charmaine said...

Ah, very cute dress! I love it.

Amelia said...

oh your curls! i would kill for those. and i like that shade of blue polish

Gracie 貴寶 said...

OMG, I love the hair so much!!
I like the last photo the most! It's just really an art piece!


Ashley said...

Absolutely love your bag! In love <3


Sin12012 said...

Beautiful dress & bag !

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

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