The Perks of Playgrounds

White lace dress, red strappy sandals, and round lens sunglasses, all from Target. Yellow leather belt, Elyse Welcher via shopSCAD. Blue crayon earrings and Dooney & Bourke purse, vintage. 
     First of all, I want to mention that all of these pictures were taken with my brand new Canon 5D Mark II that I received this past Monday. But more on that exciting news later!
     Another small town activity aside from exploring abandoned buildings is playing on playgrounds. My elementary school is within walking distance of my house and I often find myself there for taking pictures, running on the (tiny) track, or enjoying the trails that are behind it. There's something quite spectacular about roaming the territories of childhood when you've grown up a little bit. My friend Chris, who was with me at the time of these pictures, even remarked about how the swing set I'm on was the "cool kids' swing set", flooding my mind with vivid memories of my former classmates and all of our recess antics. 
     My outfit seemed pretty fit for flitting about on the structures that were full of nostalgia. Crown braids are at once childish and elegant- a hairstyle that I can only pull off when my hair is straight. Of course, the fact that I was wearing earrings with crayons on them and primary colors are incorporated into my outfit reminds me so much of elementary school art. I'd love to say that I discovered my passion for the arts as young as seven, but in reality all I remember is my ardent love for the Crayola crayon color called "Jungle Green" and never being able to draw dogs correctly.
      I'm not sure exactly what age it becomes "unacceptable" to play on swing sets or hang from monkey bars, but until that moment, you will find me proudly perched on the "cool kids' swings", chatting away with friends I've known since grade school. 


True said...

Wow u look like u cane out of a fairy tale! Gorgeous!


Suburban Style Challenge said...

I'm a fan of playgrounds too, but much prefer the "unsafe" ones of my childhood to the supersafe ones around now. It's not a playground unless at least 50% of the things to play on can give you tetanus!

Anyway, I like this outfit :) I like the subtle hints of red and yellow... little pops of color without being over the top.

Mici Mathonka said...

wow, I felt in love with these photos, they are just perfect! each and every one! and your dress is very cute, like it as well!

classyandfabulous said...

What a gorgeous outfit, it's so simple and sweet. I've always been a fan of this look but I've never been able to pull it off like you. Amazing!

x Classy & Fabulous

Sianna said...

I really like your hairstyle! And the dress is so cute perfect for the summer!

'Stina D. said...

OMG!!! I love this entire look!!! So pretty & vintage!! I found you through Frock Stock & am following you now!! Great blog! Hope you can check mine out too: officialstinad.blogspot.com

- Tina

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