Layers of Anticipation

Boxy white tee shirt, thrifted. Chambray top (underneath), Marshall's. Black skinny jeans and silver necklace, American Eagle. Black leather bag, H&M. Black studded flats, Go Fish Missionary store. Black leather belt, vintage Brooks Brothers from my step dad.

     To me, there is absolutely no argument about which season has the best fashion. Whether I am being persuaded by the smell of freshly sharpened pencils or because I am the type of gal who dreams about loading her backpack up with new supplies even at (almost!) 19, fall fashion is equated to back to school which makes it infinitely better than any other season in my eyes. Sure, the malaise of summer is great for very easy style, but considering this is the type of outfit that I feel most at home in, that doesn't necessarily appeal to me. 
    Because some leaves in my yard are already falling and I move "back home" (I mean to my school of course!) in less than two weeks, I felt like this was an appropriate choice of outfit for a night out. What does a "night out" consist of in my humble Tennessee town? Well, if I'm not making my way over to downtown Knoxville for some great food and shopping, it probably means going to see my friends play at one of the many different venues that Oak Ridge offers. I'm not talking bars and festivals, but rather fundraisers for the high school or other causes. All summer, there were a series of performances in the local Presbyterian church in order to raise funds for our free medical clinic. 

All of the performers from the night singing one last song- Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes. 

     Combined with unique events like this and my isolation from the trendiest stores/people, I'm really learning to love the chance that living in a small town gives me to just "be me". 


daria said...

autumn fashion is indeed awesome - I also love spring, when you get to take of layers one by one. love what you wore here!

Charmaine said...

Lovely entry. I totally agree about Fall fashion - can't wait! I would love to visit Tennessee, it is very high on my American Travels list.

Rory said...

LOVING those shoes--and that blingbling necklace :)
INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Enter to win an item of your choice from TSJ!!!

ZxM Fashion Addicts said...



Melanee said...

you have such great style! and the necklace in this post is to die for!

Following you now via GFC! follow back? =)


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