The Streets of Savannah

Ruffled blouse, French Connection. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Tan tote bag, Baggu. Studded flats, Go Fish missionary store. Vintage leather belt. 

     I feel most like myself in a pair of black pants. I'd like to think that makes me more classic than boring despite the minimalist nature of my black skinny jeans. In the same way that people identify with a sequined blazer or a girly dress, I could base outfits off of these pants for days. 
     Another reason why I felt right at home in this outfit is because all of the pictures were taken right outside our hotel in Savannah. The city resonates with me so much that I hardly need my iPhone to navigate. I remember or feel instinctively which way to go when I'm hunting a shop or restaurant down.  The experience of stopping by "my" city was great, even if it was only for a weekend. I went to all of my favorite places from my previous visits and found some new places that I'll surely visit again. 
     I could never really capture the magic that Savannah holds for me, but I took some pictures nonetheless. 


Amelia said...

you look super chic in this black & white pairing.

Zuley Blue said...

Those are some classic staples you got there. Leather belt, black and white, and flats! All very classic. I like!

Mandy said...

Wonderful pictures. This outfit is so chic! I wish I had a simple pair of black pants. They go with so much.

Ani said...

This is such a nice, simple outfit! Love it.

Gracie 貴寶 said...

I love the top. It looks great on you! (and yes you do look classic, a hint of vintage as well!) And jesus those photos are just beautiful!

Chezka said...

Your lacy top and studded flats are gorgeous! And the location is really pretty, so scenic =)
- Che


Mary M. said...

The photos are incredible, so stylish and I love your white shirt! Everything is so beautiful, you have such a lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

Have a lovely day!

Mary xx

Charmaine said...

Wow, I never would have guessed Savannah would be so pretty, or so old looking! Looks like a European city from these photos. Great shots. It's nice finding a soul city.

Charmaine x

Meganne said...

Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
Material Fixations

SomeoneLikeYou said...


I.love.this.outfit. Seriously so perfect! I've been avid about black + white lately and this style up is no exception...And if I already wasn't pining over Savannah (would have loved to gone to SCAD!), these pictures are the last straw...x

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