Mixtape Monday: Soundtrack for Life


     One of my favorite parts about movies is the fact that there's a soundtrack. It's an easily overlooked feature: if done right, the music blends seamlessly into the gorgeous scenes or montages. I know for most of my friends, having a soundtrack to our lives like the movies is one of our biggest wishes. Heart to heart talks and drives up to the mountains were made that much better by the music that was playing in the background. That's why today's "mixtape" consists of some of my favorite soundtrack songs of all time. All but the last song are actually made especially for the movie, but I had to include the scene with Joseph-Gordon Levitt because let's be honest...that's the reason I love that song so much. Enjoy, and be sure to comment below with some of your favorite soundtrack songs!

1. Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's (as performed by Audrey Hepburn)
6. Anyone Else But You from Juno (as performed by Michael Cera and Ellen Page)

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