A Graceful Combination

And then I changed the belt...
Ruffled chambray dress, Tommy Hilfiger. Tan canvas tote, Baggu. Yellow leather belt (second one), Elyse Welcher via shopSCAD. Tortoiseshell Wayfarers, Ray Ban. Leather flats, Lands' End. 

     A few weeks before I left on vacation, I stumbled across this dress hanging up in the Tommy Hilfiger store at the local mall. I've definitely been gravitating towards more preppy and classic pieces lately, but even in spite of that I have been searching for the perfect shirtdress since I watched The Help (for the billionth time). 
     One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing the street style in the cities that I visit. I already knew that most of the SCAD students dress pretty wonderfully. In fact, some of their looks have been known to show up on The Sartorialist. While those outfits are typically more "hip" than your average tourist fodder, I love how a lot of the older women dress up too. There's something very genteel and preppy about it. The combination definitely makes for good people watching. 
     These pictures were taken on the last day of my vacation which I have to say was one of my favorites. It is so hard to choose what experience I liked the best. Being 18 (for about another month!), I am finally old enough to pretty much do what I want on vacation as long as I let someone know where I'll be. I love walking around downtown anywhere without parents- that's when it really hits me that I'm an "adult". As with most trips and experiences, I am truly glad to get to incorporate this vacation into who I will become.


Zuley Blue said...

Wait until you're over 21 and then it will really set in how much of an adult you are lol. This dress looks amazingly comfy and definitely classic. Would love to steal that from you ^_^

Elanor said...

what a beautiful dress! you were smart to swipe it up. it's such a classic piece and i bet you'll find so many ways to style it.

i'm also starting to see what it's like to do things on my own and such. i'm still a little hesitant about it, but i'll be 19 in a month so i mean, it's about time i embrace it!

Ani said...

Love that dress!

Margarita said...

Absolutely love your dress and those colors together! Great style! Would you like to follow each other?
I started on gfc, hope you can follow me back)


Charmaine said...

Gorgeous dress! I am jealous. That cafe you are in looks so cute - like Paris.

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