Team USA!

     As the Olympics roll around, I am delighted to see people around the world showing love for their countries. Personally, I love red, white, and blue and all of the countries that the color combo has come to represent. Any excuse to break out this patriotic combination is an excuse that I will happily make. Now, I'm aware that sometimes it seems as though the only way to don this particular triumvirate of shades is to wear that awful Old Navy tee shirt that they sell for 4th of July every year. But, as you can see from my snazzy collage above, there are so many ways to be cute AND country proud. Shop this look below!


Kat said...

i love this outfit! def represents team usa well! :D


Ashley said...

Lovely outfit, I love how all the colors complement each other. Lovely outfit, so cute! Thanks for following, I just followed you back <3


Maria said...

Your blog is simply lovely and this wishlist is gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have a further peak at that frock <3

xx Maria

Princess Dane Recabe said...

Cute outfit! Can definitely represent your country. Think should make like this of my country too! :)


Amy said...

amazing pattern mixing! Love it! Great blog!


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