Split Personality

Neutral raglan tee shirt, J. Crew. Brocade lace skirt, Altar'd State. Silver statement necklace, American Eagle. Thin leather belt, Target. Vintage black and tan leather Dooney & Bourke purse. Leather flats, Land's End. Black slim fit blazer, recesses of my closet. 

      One of my favorite ways to incorporate my favorite things from different styles is to wear something casual and tomboyish with something ornate and girly. I adore all things girly- but I can only take a certain dosage before I'm running back to shirts from the little boys department and dapper accessories. Perhaps this is because of my history of dressing as a tomboy or perhaps it is because of my contradictory nature in pretty much every aspect of life; whatever the reason, I always seem to have a split personality style (and character) wise. 
     That being said, I think my struggles earlier this summer with the idea of blogging were largely coming from the idea that everyone has a certain "niche" in the way that they dress. I find myself categorizing the blogs that I read even against my will based on if they dress very feminine and retro or something more alone the lines of West coast and grunge. This is totally unfair of my to do, but I suppose the brain is more comfortable with assigning things a certain role than allowing them to be standalone and with all their complexities. 
     Whatever the case may be, I have finally stopped assessing MY wardrobe in such a way. I'm really not sure what people relate to more- a style that is completely all over the place (mine!), or a way of dressing that incorporates the same aesthetic into every outfit. I know for a fact that a lot of people, my friends included, think that something doesn't "suit" their style (they even tell me that an item of clothing looks too much like something that I would wear for them to pull it off) and will therefore not even bother trying it on. Feeling pigeonholed into one style category or another really limits my imagination when it comes to satisfying outfits. 
     While I'm not just preppy, girly, romantic,bohemian, tomboy, or vintage, I love to fill up my wardrobe with an eclectic mix of all of the above.  


Rory said...

I love your skirt! and that vintage dooney and burke...gimme gimme!!! ;)
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Mici Mathonka said...

I adore your purse!

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