Mountains Majesty

Tie waist shirt, Marshall's. Mountain scene photo print skirt, Motel Rocks. Black and white purse and binoculars necklace, Frock Stock. Suede oxfords, Gap. Nail polish, Turquoise and Cacois from Essie.

     I've been yearning for something photo-printed in my wardrobe for quite some time. The hankering was finally satisfied with this mountain plastered skirt, scooped up in a huge sale at Motel Rocks. While I am trying to slowly ease the flow of new items that I bring into my wardrobe, I felt pretty justified considering how much I'll love the skirt in the coming seasons. It's funny how just one piece can entirely shift your idea of what you want to be wearing, and I have definitely felt the need to incorporate more "adventure" based items. After all, what fun are clothes if you can't do something in them?

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Ani said...

That is a great skirt! And it's super affordable. I'm tempted to get it. I've also been looking for a skirt just like that. Somewhat I'm trying to say is... I love your outfit.

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