Sunday Shopping Guide: Army Jacket Styling

Part of the German encampment at the local WWII reenactment that I went to. 

     The 1940's has always been one of my favorite eras to dream about. Before the "housewife" stereotype that we associate with the 1950's and after the depression of the 1930's, I'm fascinated with the lifestyle during the war. It doesn't help that the only reason that my town exists is actually because of WWII, not to mention that Captain America is my favorite superhero. Add all this up with the looks of the era and the "We can do it!" mentality of Rosie the Riveter and company, and it's a time that I fully appreciate. 
     I definitely don't believe in "glamorizing" war and belittling it by turning it into a fashion statement. I am sure that I can never know how hard it was to go through WWII-or any war, for everyone involved. But the best way that I have found of respecting the decades and the soldiers that I admire is by taking a piece of the history home with me. At the war reenactment that I went to, I picked up a (probably replica) WWII jacket. While I know not everyone might want to wear an old men's jacket, I think the style is timeless and should be in everyone's wardrobe.

      I think to get the full effect, it's better to just go ahead and go with a men's jacket. This lightweight coat from Gant is perfect for fall days (quickly approaching!), but it might be even better to borrow a handsome fella's jacket for the night. Either way, these are two outfits that I'd love to wear with my new-old jacket from this weekend.


Zuley Blue said...

Love the looks and would love to see you in the jacket!!!

Anonymous said...

A must have for fall and always seems to be in trend. My favorite local (in Maryville, TN) place to hunt and find military items is the local Army Navy Surplus store on Alcoa Highway. It is wonderful! I bought a gorgeous fur lined, leather bomber jacket there for under $100. If you are looking for authentic, it is the place to be! They had long versions of the jacket above when I was last there. Definitely on my “To Buy” list. Laura Pierpont

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