Photo Diary, Weekend Edition

Goods at the local farmer's market.
Jackets made from vintage linens at a craft festival.
An old rusty bed that would be awesome in a garden.
An illustrator's gorgeous display.
The coolest toy kits/packaging ever.
A patch of lamb's ear, one of my favorite plants.
Finally got my hands on some macarons. 

     This past weekend was a great reminder of why I love living where I do. We have festivals every year to celebrate our origins as well as some seriously great local places in the surrounding cities. Although sometimes it seems backwards that we don't have an H&M or Urban Outfitters (there's only one in the state), I think my style only gets more creative because of this. I spent last weekend truly appreciating the little things that I love about where I live and getting some fun pictures out of my gratefulness. What did you do this weekend?

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