Magnetic Fields

Vintage floral dress (altered), thrifted. White lace cut out cardigan, American Eagle. Target sandals. Vintage sunglasses (Sunclassics). Crystal and acrylic necklace, Ann Taylor. 

     Behind a local restaurant on the lake shore, there lies the most perfect photo spot that I have found in my hometown. Actually, it's probably just the perfect spot for anything. I've often longed to frolic about in a similar field (there are several on the way to my family's lake house), but there is the dilemma of having to coat myself in bug spray and having to wear a not so "romantic" outfit to do so. However, this little spot has the perfect compromise with the path carved out that leads down to the lake. Now I can get the benefit of the beautiful tall grass whilst wearing some more girly items for photography purposes!
     Anyways, I had a truly magical evening of fun with my mom and my little sister, who I took a few snapshots of in the same location. May it be a good omen for summer officially starting for all of my non college friends and siblings!


Anonymous said...

so lovely dress!

Zuley Blue said...

Love the spot. It's so pretty! The dress is wonderful... HOw did you alter it?

Lauren said...

You have a gorgeous look and your photo landscapes are so naturally beautiful!


SomeoneLikeYou said...

I cannot believe that you thrifted this gorgeous dress! SO lucky! x

daria said...

such a pretty dress! love that you can dress is up and down!

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