Sometimes I Think This Cycle Never Ends

     It's funny how everything goes in cycles. The water rises and falls with the seasons just as I adjust my circadian rhythm each summer to return to my preferred nocturnal lifestyle. The circular themes that we allow to continue in our lives reveal a lot about us. Why would we stop what we so desperately want to continue, even if it is a routine? Fleeing to the lake house the first chance I have has become a summer tradition. In fact, I have pictures of a similar time here, where my friends and I went straight to the lake house from our last day of high school. I have to say, I think my photography has improved!
     Also, in keeping with the cyclical theme of tonight's post, here's a Death Cab for Cutie song that I can't stop listening to:

I do not own the rights to this song!


Madeline Quaint said...

Lovely pictures Ashlyn, so evocative! makes me think of dream summers of my childhood! :)

Aliya said...

These pictures are beautiful! The last one's my absolute favourite! I love that you lead a norturnal lifestyle during the summer!

x Aliya
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charlotte said...


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