Butterfly Blues

Periwinkle Painted Lady dress, c/o Sugarlips. Vintage woven leather belt and briefcase bag. Floral "spike" headband, DIY.  Short heeled ankle boots, Target

    I was absolutely floored to receive this lovely summer dress from Sugarlips Apparel in the mail a few days ago. I applied for their blogger program  and the dress was naturally my first pick. Although they have a gorgeous skirt in the same fascinating, subtle butterfly print (I usually have to tell people that butterflies are incorporated into the pattern, but I like it that way!), I knew I had to have the dress in the end. 
     My favorite thing about the dress is how it is such a standalone piece. Ordinarily, I feel the compulsion to accessorize as much as I can get away with. But I felt like I should keep it extremely simple with this little number. I can only rave about the dress so much, but I will reveal an interesting tidbit: the butterflies on the dress are almost the exact color of my bedroom walls...my favorite color ever.

P.S. I cut my own bangs just a bit before these pictures!


Elanor said...

this is such a pretty dress! i may need to check it out on sugarlips myself. :) you look so lady like and beautiful in these photos! i hope you had a nice monday! <3

Amelia said...

this is so pretty! i love the soft, pale blue- it suits you.

Rory said...

this dress is very you :) It has a vintagey vibe and print and the color is PERFECT! I think you made the right choice in going for the dress! I just got a package from Sugar Lips in the mail today, too. Don't they have the BEST stuff???
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SomeoneLikeYou said...

Ahh, you were wearing this yesterday in our skype session! So beautiful <3 Not to mention I saw these little booties at my Target today and ALMOST bought them. Seeing them on you I wish I would have! x

Jamie Rose said...

This dress is so pretty! I love the blue butterfly print. You look so feminine and gorgeous in it. Those boots were a fantastic choice to pair with it too.

Lima Fashion Blog by Giuliana Risso said...

Love your outfit!
I'm a follower from Lima, PerĂº


daria said...

what an adorable dress!

FP said...

Saw your blog on Sugarlips. I just styled this dress on my blog :) It's interesting to see how different people have styled it!


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